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Beckett: It’s a wonderful opportunity. A chance do more.

Castle: Without me.

Beckett: Please, Castle, please. Don’t make this about us.

Castle: How is this not about us? You get the job, you move to DC, we don’t see each other anymore. That’s the end of the relationship.


[Castle sees Beckett thru his cam on his remote control tank]

Castle: If your trying to decide what wear, how bout what your wearing right now or less?

[Beckett sees cam on tank while Castle spies on her]

Beckett: Pervert.

[Beckett throw clothes on the tank]

Castle: That’s Field Marshall Pervert, to you.

"The Human Factor"

Castle: It’s like I haven’t seen you in days.

Beckett: You know, I have to get going but…

Castle: You’re powerless to resist to me. You always have been.

Beckett: Really?

Castle: Mm.

Beckett: Remember when we first met? I kinda thought you were an ass.

Castle: You pretended you thought that, but c’mon, we’re together now. You can admit that you fell for me the first moment you first saw me.

Beckett: No, I didn’t.

Castle: Yeah, you did.

Beckett: You believe that, don’t you?

Castle: It’s true.

  • "Still" 
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